COWLHA has increased its networking and collaboration activities at various levels to enhance its capacity and increase visibility. COWLHA is currently involved in various local networks that include technical working groups by the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare and offers technical support in matters related to HIV and AIDS within the Malawi SRHR alliance members. COWLHA is engaged in technical working groups, such as PEPFAR, NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN). COWLHA is also a member of Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organization (MANASO) MANET+ and works with UN Bodies such as UN Women and UNAIDS.

At the international level, COWLHA is a member of AIDS Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA), Salamander Trust UK in collaborating Stepping Stones and International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC).
COWLHA has received awards such as the Red Ribbon Award by UNDP in 2008, and the ARASA Annual Human Rights Award in 2012. COWLHA has also been recognized at national and international levels after hosting a Women’s International Day in 2007, receiving and hosting the first ever international Stepping Stones Conference for young people in 2016.As part of organization development, COWLHA has revised and developed

a number of documents. These include the Strategic Plan, Advocacy Strategy, Gender Policy, Complaints and Feedback Mechanism, Safeguarding Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework. In addition, COWLHA has established an M & E section, trained district coordinators in M & E, as well as purchased and installed Quick Book for the finance department, purchased and oriented its staff on the server. Finally, COWLHA has increased recognition of its work locally and internationally and instituted a number reforms in order to increase the accountability and transparency of the organisation.