About Us

History of COWLHA

The Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (COWLHA) was established in 2006 in collaboration with the People Living with HIV (PLHIV) sector. The organization was conceived to create a united voice of women and girls living with HIV and AIDS in addressing the challenges affecting them.

About COWLHA and its Members

The membership of COWLHA is made up of women and girls living with HIV and AIDS from all the districts throughout Malawi. The membership of the coalition is currently estimated at 20,000. COWLHA is a registered civil society organization through the Trustees Incorporation Act, CONGOMA and NGO Board and has a Secretariat in Lilongwe.


  • Commitment of its members.
  • Professionalism in its activities.
  • Love and respect for all people regardless of their HIV status.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Participation by all regardless of one's HIV status.


COWLHA seeks to end AIDS in women and girls through accessible and quality HIV and AIDS service delivery and promotion of women and girls’ rights through advocacy.


A society where women and girls living with HIV attain a healthy life, are socio-economically empowered and their rights fulfilled.